Defeating Leg Grips While Passing Guard


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Sep 5, 2012
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Occasionally, when I've passed someone's guard, the defender will take a death grip on one of my pant legs with his near-side arm and try to drag me back into half guard or just stall out with a stiff arm. Usually, they'll grip the bottom leg at the knee, so I'm stuck using my bottom arm to block the reguard, which limits my options for transitions.

So the position I end up in is like this (sorry no photo):
I have the crossface and his near side leg wrapped up, I'm sprawled out, driving into him. He has the grip on my bottom knee with his near-side arm.

Does anyone have any options/ideas as far as what to do in this situation? With their arm fully extended like that, it would seem I could try to attack it somehow... Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
Donkey kick the grip off, even with a death grip they'll usually let go as it really hurts your fingers. If not and he's gripping directly on my knee I'd trying crushing his fingers into the mat with my knee, you might even be able to wristlock him depending on where he is keeping his elbow. Failing that you can use your hand(s) to break the grip.
I think if my gi pants were tighter, the donkey kick would work. As it is, though, when I kick, my pant leg just comes up (skinny legs). Now that I think of it, the grip might be above the knee. I honestly don't know because my head is busy trying to flatten him.
Hip switch, kill that arm, drive that knee up past it?
I would just spin to the back. It'll beat the grip and you'll end up in a better position. Win win.