Deciding between 3 Focus Mitts


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Nov 1, 2007
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Hi guys, I did a search on the focus and punching mitts and read what everyone had to say. There weren't that many reviews.

I'm down to deciding between 3 of them.


Title Platinum Punch Mitts for $39.99
I read that a few of you guys decided to purchase these, can you guys tell me how it went for you guys?


Top Contender Panther Punch Mitts from RINGSIDE for $39.99
This is also for the same price


Ringside Panther Punch Mitts for $59.99
These are a bit more expensive, are they worth the price??

So im deciding between those 3. I did read everyone else's thoughts on the WINDYS, TWINS, ULTIMATE CLASSIC PANTHERS, and RIVALS. Those are all out of budget, so please dont refer me to those again haha.

thanks in advance.
I have the top ones, they are awesome. Definitely better than top contender brand. As for the last pair, I can't speak on them because i've never used/seen them. they can't be much different from the others and at 20 bucks cheaper, I'd definitely go with the title platinum mitts. They will NOT disappoint you. I hope this helps you man. Everyone else is like "LOL Kimboz gunna be on cbs!"
39.99 per pair. they're all sold as a pair.

btw NJrocks, hows the weight and comfort on the 1st pair. Is the padding good too? Do you get sore hands from heavy hitters?
Get the Titles! The Ringside is good but a bit stiff for the holder and the TC leather sucks balls and its way stiff.
I have used the Titles and own the TC. TC's arent bad if you have some light hitters... They take awhile to break in too. Titles are awesome though so go with those. Title did have a sale on the "Ball Focus Mitts" in the clearance on their site and those are also good ones I've used.
I also purchased the TC's for 19.99... They aren't worth 39.99.
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TITLE BOXING is sold out on the Platinum Punch mitts.
Does boomer have them instock??
I have the incredi-ball punch mitts. They're nice and comfortable, padding a little stiff but i think it will break in pretty soon. I've had no problems, and for the price that they were on sale for, it was definitely worth it. but pretty much, get the most expensive pair you can afford, you want mitts to last a long time.
I have the Title Platinum Body Protector. It really takes a shit kicking and is holding up extremely well.

It is an awesome compliment to the punch mitts routine as it allows you to work on body shots and counter combos.
I have a pair of the title punch mitts... they aren't the platinum but they are still really great... they are comfortable and stay on the hands really well... So if you are going with the platinum I wouldalmost guarantee that they are going to be super comfortable... Mine aren't the platinums but I have some platinum bag gloves from title and platinum headgear and they are super
go with the ultimate classics. I know they arent on the list you gave but they are the best of all the mitts you can get except for the much more expensive brands. stay away from the everlast ones