Dealing with open guard


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Mar 2, 2008
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Last night i sparred with a brown belt, who was set on working is open guard as he kept pulling guard & opening. It was annoying to deal with, i was able to pass a couple of times by pinning one of his legs to the ground and passing over it, maybe cuz he let me, but i even got into mount from reverse cross chest, and locked in an ezequel before getting upa'd and mounted & armbarred :D

Does anyone have any good videos with open guard passes & any tips?
For open guard I always like to approach them with one knee up and invade their space with it. They can't lock back up closed guard when they want to and it totally messes up their attack. Plus, a guard pass is just a step or two away from this position.
not asking how to pass a brown belt's guard, just asking techniques vs open guards in general.
ummm All passes are open guard passes .
Everything else requires a guard break first
yes, if he is a brown belt and you are asking on sherdog how to pass the open guard, he let you :p .
my favorite way to pass is to stand and combine the knee-drive with the matador pass.