day 2, bjj


Gavin LeFever

2nd day of bjj--pretty nice. less people on the mat today so we had room to work on feet where i feel comfortable. the wrestling is paying off as far as takedowns so that is nice. i just need to get my ass back in shape, which is hard working every damn second i'm not on the mat. but my work schedual is changing so there is a hope.

the first hour was beginner so i got to roll with some whites and it's a little more comfortable when they know almost as little as i do, but we didn't really work any live rolling.

next 2 hours were intermediate. some left, some stayed, and i saw a few familiar faces from the advanced class i went to on monday. two female grapplers came too, which i thought was cool since it's so rare to see females in wrestling. just thought that was cool.

we did some positional live sparring i guess i'd call it and then some drills so now i know a tiny bit of bjj offense. then we did a bunch of live sparring and that really quenches the thirst you get when you haven't been on the mat in a while. out of shape--yes, but damn it still feels good to roll around.

i rolled with a purple for a little bit doing some side mount defense where he's looking to mount or choke and i'm trying to block, not escape. i blocked a lot of stuff but ended up mounted 2 or maybe 3 times in 2 minutes or so. i get focussed on blocking a choke and he slips a knee over so i know where i need to learn the instincts. i was on top next and i got slipped a mount on him while going for the choke we just learned. he know it was coming because we just drilled it so i learned from him and slipped like he did. im really trying to pick up everything along the way.

then it was "toe tag," a wrestling drill where you try to touch the toe with your hand and hyou're both working shot defense basically. i was rotating in with 2 other guys and winner stayed in so i got gassed fairly quick. cant compain since it's day2 back on but we were really going at it. it would usually end with me throwing or doing a full takeodwn and them pulling guard with legs to far back or too long for me to touch. everyone else enjoyed the show. one of those guys wrestled before so it was a good drill for all.

then we did live, from feet for the rest of the time..maybe an hour or 45m. i got to wrestle with most of the guys. the gi makes a few things different i feel like i'm cheating to grab it (no grabbing singlet in wrestling) so of course i enjoy this, but i'm still not used to it. did decent but i'm making simple mistakes, though less than monday and they're telling me that. always guarding chin, not giving away my arms, getting triangled less when i try to do a shitty pass that i don't know how to do, etc. i'm positioning a lot better, but i still have miles to go.

i did get to roll with someone else who is on their 2nd day. i have 20-30 lbs on him so i wasnt trying too hard and trying not to muscle but the whole time i felt i could shotput him across the room so i don't think it was too fair. it makes me feel a little confident that i position well against someone on my level, but i'd get side control or mount and not know what to do.. then he'd not know what to do because i gave him nothing to defend so i told him and reset. lol.

going back monday to get my ass kicked by the purples, and tuesday and thursday to get it kicked by blues and whites. can't wait. once i get my cardio back in shape and and all that, i might be attending vale tudo/muay thai since they offer it, but we'll see. one step at a time, then we run.
a little long, but just be happy i cant remember more.

enjoy the book.
Good read. My schedule is

Monday: Judo
Thursday: No gi BJJ and Muay Thai
Saturday: NHB training

On Mondays, we have mostly been working on throws and breakfalls. Although it is cool, I am looking to do more ground work. On my Thursday class, I got to roll with a couple of people that had been there a while.

I was told just to try to get dominate position and hold it. I got tapped a few times trying to shoot and getting chocked, but I did manage to get people's backs quite a bit and hold my position most of the time. I did get side mounted a few times, which was tough. I just started last week. It seems like we are doing the same types of things.
sound lik you were there for five hours.

keep the motivation..... the more you learn the more you realize you dont know shit. It takes along time to become sufficient in this sport.
After reading your description I am fully confident that I rolled with you yesterday. It's clear that you have ground skills. After you stop making simple mistakes (like offering your neck on the takedown) I fear that I'll be doomed. :)

Regarding the toe tag thing. I thought I was pretty clever when I figured out that pulling guard and going for the sweep would work. Trying to dive in there in there faster than your sprawl wasn't getting me anywhere. :)

Vanguard (aka Woody)