DAX Moskito don't shrink, wtf ?


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May 20, 2007
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Hey Judokas,

I read here that they don't shrink, but how can that be ? Even if u wash them in hot water ?

Second question : I'm also considering a Mizuno Kano. How bad will it shrink ?

The Gi I have now is a cheap shit, and it did shrink quite a lot in hot water, but I don't really care, cause u know, it's cheap shit. I'd be pretty disgussed, though, if my Kano ends up being too small, or my Moskito being too big !

So, how should I deal with the shrinkage for these respective Gis, before I make a sizing decision ?

Oh, last question, does it makes sense to get a 950 gr bunker like the Moskito, if I'm a judo beginner (I'm practicing a couple of grappling styles, and happened to decide to get into judo more seriously)?
If you do'nt want a gi to shrink as much, wash it in cold water and hang dry it. I only leave my gi in the dryer for like 5 minutes tops then hang dry it
txs for the advice, but as I said, I wash gis with hot water for hygiene concerns. I believe any fabric will shrink in hot water, hence my surprise about the moskito gi.
i would suggest you contact vin at kodokan gear (kodokangear.com). he's got a lot of knowledge about judo gi and should be able to point you in the right direction.

btw, not sure what you're looking for in a gi but i hear the kano is quite soft while the moskito is quite stiff, so sounds like a big difference there.
I don't think the hot water in the washing machine does much. Water needs to get very hot to kill bacteria, probably somewhere close to the boiling point and I don;t think the washing machine gets that hot. Detergent should kill all the bacteria and fungus. When I had a white gi I would bleach it every time. I never had problems with infections.
Dax mosquito has almost no shrink. about 1 cm (less than half inches).
By the way Kano and mosquito are the opposite in term of GI.

Kano is soft japanese type GI

Mosquito is Heavy, hard, armour like European GI.

Mosquito is not comfortable for training. Some one may say it is, but for the average joe is to hard and heavy.

I've a Dax mosquito , a Toraki Personal GOLD and a Mizuno Ichiban and this is my personal order for training

-Toraki (comfortable and perfect fit)

-Mizuno Ichiban (quite soft and comfortable, but baggier)

-Dax (uncomfortable )

for competition

-Toraki ( tight GI, hard to grip, with steel collar)

-Dax (armour like gi)

-Ichiban (to baggier and easy to grip)
Txs Thalion,

I live in Germany, and here u see alot of DAX Moskito.

I know that the Mizunos are quite different.
What about the shrinkage on the Mizunos ?