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David Lynchian dream I had last night

Drain Bamage

Jun 26, 2017
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I was with one of my ex's (who i suspect may have ho'd on the side a little and basically had some skeletons in the closet)

Anyways it was like we bumped into each other somehow and we are hanging out in some California town, walking around a shopping center talking about things we want to do or whatever, and shes laughing and looking like a blonde bombshell and then all the sudden she is gone

So im like where did she go and Im looking around and some people point to up the road and say she went up there with some guys

So I start walking up the road and its a busy town street with people and cars everywhrre and im like wtf she fucking vanished or got took

And then some people, maybe the same people, tell me she went up to the church and I shouldnt go there

And then its like a scene change and I see her, walking into "the church" with a few guys and then it hits me that they run hoes out of this church and thats where she was going, the church is just a front for a prostituion ring