News Darren Till will make his boxing debut against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on the Tyson vs. Jake Paul undercard

Who wins?

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That's random. What's next? Some obscure ufc fighter gonna announce he is boxing next too?

Sodiq Yusuf vs Secchew powell or some shit loo
This was Darrens big fight announcement...?! Fighting Chavez Jr. over Mike Perry is not a great career move. NOBODY wants to see this shit
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Darren made right move. Its on a way bigger Netflix card and probably a better fight purse. Plus Chavez sucks now. Till can make a statement and set himself up for a huge Jake Paul fight. Till had some of the best striking in UFC he can do well in Boxing.
chavez will still find a way to get the takedown

why would they match him with someone so experienced? He should box one of the bums Paul beat. imho
Yay, another boring boxing exhibition I won't watch

Rather see the gorilla maul some cans in the UFC.

Imagine if he wins then wants to "run it back" with the frozen one.
Insomniacs everywhere will be screaming in joy.
Weird fight, but it kinda explains why he was waiting for this over going straight to Perry.
Still this has massive potential to be very boring.
yeah Chavez's DAD was a legendary boxer.... but his son....not so much.
53-6 in professional boxing and he won a WBC world title. Was he nearly as great as his dad? No. But Jr. was a very high level elite world champion. It's weird that you guys are talking about him like he's a bum jobber.

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