News Darren Till will make his boxing debut against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on the Tyson vs. Jake Paul undercard

Who wins?

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Perfect card for it

Anyone know if Till plans to continue fighting in MMA matches? I assume he's done with the UFC at this point.
The unstoppable force of a washed up failson vs the immovable object of an MMA fighter chasing CTE in boxing for better pay.
I don't know shit about boxing but I was impressed when Andy boxed up that Chavez guy, just based on his record I assumed Andy is some extraordinary boxing talent if he managed to defeat him.
Then, Paul melted Andy and the dream vanished.
I realized that Chavez guy probably just sucks now.
This was Darrens big fight announcement...?! Fighting Chavez Jr. over Mike Perry is not a great career move. NOBODY wants to see this shit
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Seems like he's testing the money making options. It's good to make alot of money against an old fighter, see what's offered next. If nothing comes from it beyond the payday then he can entertain the idea of getting cte from perry. AeOYzNb.jpg