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DAMNIT!! Just tore my pec muscle.


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Nov 13, 2006
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I was rolling at BJJ last night and my oponent (him 185+ me 160) went for a hip sweep from his guard. I was fighting it off and we were stalled halfway thru with him up on one arm and leg and me bracing myself with my leg and right arm stretched back and out.(it's hard to picture and explain but I'm sure you have some idea) Anyway as we roll over i felt this sharp pain shoot thru my chest and back. It felt like I got hit witha sledgehammer in the chest. We immediately stopped and I took a minute to catch my breath. He told me to sit out, but stubborn as I am and getting ready for Renzo's next Sat., I decided to keep going. I rolled another two 5 min sessions with a few more middle wieghts. The pain was a little uncomfortable but not too bad. There was a noticable loss of strength though. I didn't get submitted but I was in defense mode almost the whole time favoring my right side. After class the pain really started to set in and I could barely sleep. I went to work for half a day today(construction) and decided I had enough and went to the ER. Turns out I tore my right pec muscle. I was going to compete in the Renzo Invitational next week(my first competition) and now I'm out. I'm so pissed! The doctor said I may start to feel better by the middle of next week but the muscles will still be very weak and I will most likely injure it again. Think I should still try or just let this one go? I really wont be able to train much next week and I wont be going in anywhere near 100%. Oh well I guess there will be others. No sense in injuring myself any more than I am I giuess. Sorry fellas. Just felt like venting.
Yeah I wouldn't compete like that...no reason to risk a serious injury (or re-injury) so early in your BJJ training. Thankfully, I haven't heard of people really struggling with pec injuries, so I bet once you let it heal up it'll be just fine.
That sucks man but just be grateful it could be a lot worse. I've seen someone at the gym tear their pec lifting weights. It was nasty. The pec ripped completely and the muscle balled up in his arm. You just saw a big lump in there. Obviously the dude needed surgery to get it fixed.

Take the time off. Do something else during your downtime. I'm sure you can find something to do if you live close to Renzo (I'm assuming his tournament is in NYC)
Go to the tournament and support your guys, but take it easy. While what you learn from competition is valuable, it becomes moot if you end up sitting the next 6 weeks at home nursing an injury.