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    An authentic Mixed martial arts gym formed in 2006 Based in Oldbury Birmingham Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) A blend of Thaiboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, Boxing, Judo and submission wrestling. Is currently experiencing a worldwide explosion in popularity. Many people are being attracted to the functional nature of the training be it standing or grappling all ranges are covered!. Besides the technical classes We have a fight team that compete under the Pseudonym "Team Asylum" so if you want to test yourself no problem. We have a fight class that is aimed towards full contact MMA competition. so be it self defence, fitness or competition D-TEC has something for you!.

    We produced sandwells only Heavyweight MMA Champion! Darren "Ninja" Moore


    Warley Rugby Club Tat Bank Road Oldbury Birmingham westmidlands B69 4NH

    Onsite facilities include fully matted gym wall mats punch bags, weights and cardio section. Changing rooms showers fully licenced bar ( so you can have a pint after a hard session) and secure off road private parking.

    6-7pm Boxing Fundamentals Drilling
    ( western Boxing based class )
    7-8pm Muay Thai Kickboxing
    ( pad based class using all 8 weapons. punches, kicks, knees, and elbows
    6-7pm M.M.A sparring
    Submission Wrestling
    (This is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu inc freestyle wrestling training without using a Gi (Suit) shorts and Rash Guard/T-shirt are used instead
    6-7pm M.M.A Conditioning
    ( circuit training based class inc bagwork, flipping tyres and weight training )
    7-8:30pm Roleta Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
    ( Sports based floor fighting martial art using a Gi (suit).)


    CALL 07904532502
    EMAIL: [email protected]

    Check our Myspace for more details
    MySpace - D-TEC M.M.A - 35 - Male - birmingham, UK - myspace.com/dtecmma

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