cut or gain?


Apr 30, 2005
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i have bjj tourney coming up on oktober 30'e and the weightclasses close to me is -70kg and -76kg, both is weigh in before your first match with the kimono. so i'm stuck in the middle and i did compete at -70 last weekend but that was sub wrestling and weigh ins like 4hours before the match so it was alot easier, so what's your call guys, should i try to bulk a few pounds or get on the atkins again????
bulk up. i'm currently trying to cut and it's really tough. am currently 80 and trying to cut to 76. i think bulking must be easier. but it depends on what your physique is like. if you're in good shape try to bulk. if you're a touch flabby try to cut.
if you CUT, you're dropping water

if you GAIN, you're gaining water and possibly body fat (maybe a LITTLE muscle)

Think of it this way, if you bulk, you'll be facing guys in the 80+ weight class who have cut water mass...
eh just get urself into peak physical condition with an ideal diet etc without consideration for gaining or cutting and let that handle itself.
I would definatly say cut, if you are gaining your facing guys that have been sitting on that weight for a while and they are prolly a little stroger if their good, if they are good they have a low body fat content so even i fyou do move up their going to still have more muscle.