Custom Fight Shorts or Start your own Fight Gear Company

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Mar 20, 2008
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We are routinely asked if we can get or make fight shorts with school or club or team logo's on them, so after searching we are able to find a source of supply for the blank fight shorts and are happy to pass the savings on to those that may be interested.

My company is now offering the ability to purchase 1 dozen fight shorts with your school, club, or team logo silkscreened on it. The shorts are very similar to Sprawl's Gripflex fight shorts and are available for just $30/pair with a minimum order of 1 dozen.

We'll discount it further if you want more than one dozen, please PM me for discounts, but this is the wholesale cost for this product.

If anyone is interested please visit our site at

We will be offering rash guards, fight gloves, jiu-jitsu and karate gi's as well as many other products that can be customized in the near future.
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