CSI or SSF Primetime

I think the CSI Safety Training gloves and the CSI IMF Tech Gloves are the best for sparring...I've never used or heard of the SSF's
SSF isn't a bad company and I've played with some of their stuff... I would likely stick with the Hybrids, but in reality neither is great for sparring. If you absolutely have to have a grappling sparring glove, go with a glove designed for sparring or a "safety training" glove. CSI makes a glove called the Max Spar which I kinda like, but has a bit of that puff that you're talking about. Their IMF Tech MMA are pretty nice too, but if your hands run big, you won't be able to fit into them.

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thanks guys, i have the fairtex combat sparring gloves but i want one that doesnt have as much padding so you can do submissions a little easier but still have enough padding to hit
Based on what I've seen the SSF's are simply a higher quality glove than any of the CSI's I own both the Shootos and Primetimes along with several pairs of various CSI models. The SSF's all seem to have a better fit and finish and not show wear like the CSI's do. All the CSI's I've owned just look old after acouple of month wtih small cracks in the leather and faded colors. My SSF's look almost new.

what you are looking for though is the holy grail of mma training gloves. A glove that is comfortable to spar with but doesn't interfer with submissions. I use several set each with its own purpose.
I use to have the SSF Thai gloves and if thats any indication than the SSF Primetime gloves will be awesome.
Most of the guys at the gym use the primetimes so i would assume the clones would be just as good they can be just as bulky as those fairtex's though
thanks for helping out

im gonna get the ssfs most likley, but which ones are better for overall sparring? is it easy to do submissions with the shooto ones/ do the primetimes hurt alot more?
You don't want more padding then this;

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