Cryogel available retail??


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Nov 21, 2005
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Is Cryogel available at any retail locations?? If so any chains that you can recommend?? (GNC, Wal-Mart, etc???)
Not that i've seen. I think you've got to buy it online. It's oh-so delicious.
Unless your in CA and can go to the Cryogel location you have to order it online, plenty of guys carry it, like Ron at SSF. Last time I talked to Charles at Cryogel he was trying to get it carried in GNC locations but I don't know how that's comming along.
The changes Mike's talking about is with the packaging, we have to put pain relief on the outside of the tube & roll on, we are not changing the formula at all.

Charles DeVos
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Vitaminerals, Inc.
Bringing an old thread back to life here - but is Cryogel now available in retail? It's been over a year.
Cryogel is not available in the physical retail outlet as of yet. We are making some changes to the product then we will be able to hit the retail shelves. Below are a number of sites to choose from that sell cryogel.

Michael Crawford
National Sales Manager

Michael, you might forgot by we carry Cryogel on our 2 retail stores located in Los Angeles ( South Bay ) and in San Diego ( Pacific Beach )

I get it at my sport doctor/chiropractor. Only place I've seen it. Cheaper online, but after shipping, its all the same.
OTM stores like the one in West Covina, CA carry it...ill call my local GNC and see if they have it or a sample..