cross collar chokes



a certain fellow i frequently drill/roll with is extremely persistant on using cross collar chokes on me. it's getting to the point whenever he's in my guard (or halfguard, mount, etc) he's attempting to grab for my lapels and choke me out. it's really a nuisance because i'm constantly trying to fend it off - do you guys have any basic tips for stopping this? i've only actually tapped out to them twice, but because i'm actively fighting them off. do i simply have to deal with it? while i am basically just a beginner, this seems like some overexcessive use of the same technique - is this a common occurance? am i perhaps just leaving myself open to them, and if so, what can be done to prevent that?
posture my friend, drill it every day and you will defeat this.

also control his biceps, you can place your head on his chest and control his biceps and then spring up into posture
it happens more when he's in my guard (and i'm on my back), so posturing wouldn't apply
keep your chin down. Lapel chokes will not work if your neck is protected by your chin. In fact, he may burn out his arms trying to finish you, because the chin down feels and looks alot like an open neck to an attacker.
Also, fight the grips that he uses and you will shut down his game. The deep grip is the key to finishing a collar choke, when you feel him begin to reach for it, you might want to fight it off right then and there. Ideally, you never want him to sink the first grip deeply, if he does tho' you need to control his other arm from reach to the grip he needs to finish you.
If he does manage to get your chin up and he has both grips you can fight the choke by pulling on his sleeves in the opposite direction that he needs to pull, this will take the preassure off your neck. At this point the man with more arm endurance will win.
If he is collar choking you from your guard, you should attack with an armbar. It will be very difficult for him to defend since his arms are so exposed.

From half guard it is a more legitimate technique, but you should be able to secure an underhook on the trapped leg side when he attacks with it. Use the underhook to sweep him as you would normally from half guard.

From mount, you must simply protect your neck. Try grabbing your own collar so he can't. Of course, you are in a lot of danger from the mount, so you must escape or else you will eventually be submitted.
I have 2 different doods who try stuff like this. One thinks he is the shit & I just armbar him every damn time he does it & the other is a very strong man who has got me close to tappin from doing this although having the advantage of having them in your guard allows you to sweep if they try anything like this.
if he's doing it from your guard, thats retarted. as someone else said, attack with an armbar. you can also go for an omoplata, pull one of his sleeves across your body and swim under it to get to an overhook - which will prevent the choke and give you a place to start working, scissor sweep, etc....lots of stuff to do.
thanks for the advice, i'm going to try and work the armbar more from my guard. i'm still having some difficulty settting up the omoplata quickly without my feet/legs getting caught. hopefully it will come around. :p
threnody said:
it happens more when he's in my guard (and i'm on my back), so posturing wouldn't apply

if he is trying to choke you from your guard look for armbars. also, just extend your body and puch him back so his reach is extended even more. this will help with the armbars and will also make it harder for him to choke you becaue he won't get the pressure he needs with extended arms.

you are ew so keep orking hte armbars. he will probably come out ahead more often than not, but that is ok. you are trining for htelong term right? eventually your armbars will get good and his game will be useless.
o my bad man i thought he was doing it from his guard

but you can armbar him all day long if he is doing that, also look for the pendelum sweep because when they put so much weight forward they come over so easily