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Jun 3, 2005
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Ok well because I'm relatively new to this whole 'eating right' I took alot of the diets I've heard on here and applied it to what I think I can do or do without and was wondering peoples opinion on this diet that alot of ya'll came up with along with some things I've added

Morning: Protein Shake, Oatmeal, Banana and a Fish Oil caplet
Snack: apple
Lunch: Protein shake and tuna (maybe another apple)
Snack: Piece of ham
Dinner: Salad with some ham and a boiled egg (sometimes I don't have spinach salad and I eat a Peanut Butter sandwhich) Fish oil

I run every morning before breakfast varying sometimes 15-45 mins
I try to stay active during the day (bike riding 3 miles) maybe some wrestling, some basketball.. and a 3 day workout (Urbans Strength training 101 on his website)

For saying that is that a success for losing weight? Like I have said in another thread I've lost 50 pounds but I still think I need to lose more due to the excess skin/fat on my stomach..

My main goal is to have a leaner stomach (six pac) by December with this diet so I can train.

Again thanks alot Sherdoggers
I dont know shit...but you seem to not be getting much meat/protein other then your shakes and piece of ham...I think you might not be eating enough but wait for Kabuki to chime in, he'll tell ya whats up
youre gonna want a lot more vegetables then that. try throwing in some more salads with olive oil if you can
Dear Lord I eat so much more than you.
Madmick said:
Dear Lord I eat so much more than you.

Again I'm trying to lose weight

Also when I'm done with each meal it's not like I'm still hungry.. I am very much full..

My question tho is that a good enough diet to follow to get so that I can have a leaner stomach (a six pac) by december.. I was 205 I'm not 155 I know I don't have much more to go maybe and maybe another 10 pounds.. but that's at absolute most I believe
Would really like someone to see if this is an achieveable goal

Your diet seems to be good. How long have you been doing it? And how much weight has come off?
u wana know something that'll really help you out? i know this may sound weird but unrefined, traditionally made coconut oil (made with low heat to retain all fatty acids and anti-oxidants) is the healthiest oil in the world..

garden of life is a VERY reputable brand and the only brand i recommend unless u wana get em in bulk..

coconut oil is full of MCT's (medium chain triglycerides) which stablize blood sugar levels and ever since i've started taking it.. i rarely ever feel hungry.. but my goal is to gain weight, so i always remind myself to eat :D .. it also reduces cholesterol and boosts immune system with its lauric acid (also found in mother's milk) and caprylic acid kills any "bad" bacteria in your intestines like Candida yeasts and stuff.. AND it boosts metabolism.. so you'll get leaner...

if u wana get it in bulk.. u can go here and get the "virgin coconut oil"

it's also one of the most stable oils in the world bcuz it's a saturated fat and can be stored for years without losing ANY nutritional content.. it's also stable at cooking temperatures.. frying things with oils like vegetable oil or something results in high free-radical content...

it's also really great for your skin :wink:
That diet will help the weight come off. Remember the only way to get a six pack is to burn all of the excess fat that is covering your abs. Up the cardio and eat clean and the fat will come off. I believe that 1 pund of fat is 3500 calories so think of needing to burn at least 3500 calories extra each week to get 1 pound of fat off your body (I don't know it works for me). Focus on losing 1 1/2 to 2 pounds per week. After losing 50 lbs this goal is acheivable as long as you work at it.