Creatine Suppliment Help


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Dec 7, 2007
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I started training mma about 4 weeks ago and at the same time started taking "Hyper Growth, an extreme creatine suppliment". It is grape flavoured but still tastes awful. I struggled through my load up week but some nights i cant take it because it makes me sick. Is there any tricks to taking this (one heaping scoop)? I tried mixing with juice instead of water but it didn't help much.
There are a ridiculous amount of creatine supps out there, from just plain creatine mono that is tasteless to creatine supps like you're taking with a lot of added sugar that supposedly help absorption. If you can't deal with that one, most creatines with added sugar and flavorings I personally think taste great. They're like kool-aid with the same added calories. So, I guess my advice is switch creatine brands