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Creatine is it worth it ?


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Jul 24, 2005
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I apologize, Im sure this subject has been discussed alot probably, but ive been doing some of my own research an theres some questions i have yet to find the answer to.

1. Will it make your genitilia grow smaller?
2. what Are the long term effects of it? (suprisingly sites ive encountered didnt say much on it)
3. Once im on it, will I have to stay on it for continued muscle growth ? (What i read it changes the protein count in muscles etc. ?
4*. Will it help a hard gainer ?
5. Should a new diet be constructed while on this product ?

Again i apologize if this has been already discussed.
People respond diffrent to Creatine.It works wonders for some people and for some nada. I have friend who blows up like hes juicing when he takes it, but for me I have never seen any results.There are also other alternatives such as Glycociamine its our bodies own precursor for creatine, you can find it in various suppliments such as V12.Try it and see what happens.But it has been my experience that nothing builds muscle like ol fashioned protien intake and smart training.You need too take in one gram of protien for every pound you weigh if not more when you are attempting to put on mass.goodLuck
I'm sure if you had used the search button, you would have found the answers to all your questions.

1) No it will not shrink your bird or balls... who told you that?
2) There are no documented long term side-effects of creatine.
3) No, you won't have to stay on it for continued muscle growth, nor will you lose any muscle or strength gains when you go off it, this is a wild myth.
4) Yes it will help a hard gainer.
5) No new diet is needed.

Creatine is probably the single best supplement out there, in terms of price/results ratio. It's tried, tested and true. It's one of the only products that consitently gives people good gains and good results. It's also very cheap compared to most other supplements.

If I could recommend only 1 supplement everybody should be on, it's creatine.

Creatine is definitely worth a try. It may not work well for some people, but it's worked for me and all my friends.
i use it and works . i am a lightweight . in one month i gain 4 kilograms and for me this is a lot . from 68 kg to 72 kg. anyways if don
kool, some good advice right there