Crazy muay thai knockouts!


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Jun 18, 2003
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I thought I'd post the link here instead of P&M because I think people here would have more insight into the techniques and counters that were used.

Anyways, they look brutal! Enjoy.
Nice HL, thanks for sharing. That soccer kick must've hurt...weird how he was just overpowered and thrown to the ground like that.

that was a sick whip kick that guy snuck in over that other guy's guard.
I so wish there was a Muay Thai school around here! I know I could probably never be that could, but I know it would improve my skills so much. We don't have much choice around here. It's all karate. Now, my dojo is good, but Mauy Thai would be a nice supplement.
that elbow from the clintch was awesome, muay thai is the way forward!
The soccer kick was a dirty move but that's not the first time I've seen someone KO someone that way. The spinning back elbow was pretty sweet. You rarely see it used. Even more rarely does it land. Super rare that it results in a KO.

Thanks for the vid.