Corner Tips!



My buddy is fighting on a local MMA show in utah, and he asked me to be his corner, i have no idea what or how to be a corner, any one out here have any tips for me?... like equpment and stuff?
bring a towel for throwing in and find out when or if he wants you to use it.
boxers corners use and "end swell" which is a piece of metal you freeze and push against the swelling to keep down between rounds.
extra mouthpiece
water bottles
spare pair of gloves
small wooden stool (no good if it is a cage but good for the ring)
probably some serious bandages and an ace bandage in case something gets twisted...

hope that helps some... I'm sure ther are other things you'll need...
when you yell out advice, dont' give technical advice unless your opponent & his corner
doesn't understand English.

Instead be more encouraging of his fighting spirit
Among the above things mentioned (the metal is actually called Enswell, but no matter): a bucket, quite a few extra towels, liquid adreneline (helps stop bleeding), long Q-tips, and an ice bag.

I'm assuming by working corner that means you'll be doing cutman work too (if not, disregard pretty much everything on the list). I'd recommend you speak with someone that has done it before in order to learn proper techniques to alleviate swelling, stop bleeding, etc.

Good luck
Besides bringing the right equipment, the most important thing for you to do is to observe the fight and learn as much as possible about his opponent. Did you notice that the guy drops his left when throwing a rear straight? Tell your friend to counter with a right straight. Whatever information your friend can use that he didn't learn by himself (it's hard to notice stuff like that when everything is going so fast). You tell him this between rounds ofcourse.

You can also help him to attack at the right moment. You have to practise this alot but if your friend manages to learn to hear only your voice when fighting, you can tell him when to attack. Your voice has to work like a button. When you say attack, he attacks immediately. You might see something that you know will benefit your friend if he attacks at that exact moment, but he himself might still be dancing around in the ring/octagon for whatever reason. So when you yell attack, he attacks without hesitation. And the opponent might get caught in a flurry that send him to the canvas.

Though you have to talk to him and let him tell you what kind of cornerman he wants you to be. Do he want to hear you cheering for him continuesly? (yeah way to go, nicely done, you're the best) Do he want you to only open your mouth if you have something useful to say? (relax, breathe, work those low kicks). Every fighter is different. So talk to your friend and ask him what he wants you to do when he is fighting. Hope this helps.

Take care.
BringtheFatties said:
Not to turn this into a bitch fight, I'll agree that the links you show give what seems to be a brand name, but if you want to read this article (gives lots of good tips as to what a cutman should bring) it's called Enswell.

Here are some more......

Bert Sugar calls it a End Swell, he is arguably the best boxing historian known to man. I will believe him over an article you list.

End-Swell makes alot more sense than Enswell, since you are Ending the swelling.

It's called an EndSwell. I can see where you can hear Enswell from Endswell as the D gets swallowed up, but it is definately called an EndSwell.

Type it in on google. Endswell is the correct term.
Okay, congratulations on being an ass but there are 1100 hits of boxing references using the word ENSWELL. If you took the time to read the article you'd see it's a description of a cutman that has worked 25 World Championship fights and also calls it ENSWELL. Perhaps you can stop being a dick and just agree to disagree, as this is slightly pathetic.
how about some first aid,
something for electrolytes,
and an energy drink for afterwards.
when is his fight whats his name i am 2 wins 0 losses in the uce my self