CORMIER vs JONES! (Thanks Cain)


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Oct 23, 2010
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Thanks to Velasquez, we'll be seeing Daniel Cormier drop down to beat Jon Jones.

Toughest challenge for Jones.
I hope so. It's gunna be a good fight for sure.
Would be a good fight but I think Jones would meet Cormier @ HW before Cormier meets Jones @ LHW
Oh man, I didn't think of this fringe benefit.

This *is* exciting.
He can do it, just lose 15 pounds of fat.
This would be pretty sweet. But apparently word is that Cormier and Cain wouldn't have a problem fighting eachother for the title.

Either fight would be boss.
What do you think Cormier's cardio is going to be like dropping to 205 when nobody is even sure he could do it in the first place without putting his kidneys in danger?
I like them both equal. I will just be a fan watching on that one.
The kidneys--if Cormier drops some mass, rather than just water-weight for fights, he should be okay.