Cool article about Ronaldo Jacare check it out!

He still has a lot to prove. I am skeptical.
Yes, he still has a lot to prove in MMA, but not in submission/grappling or in life, for that matter. Look where he started and where he is now. WAR JACAR
He still has a lot to prove. I am skeptical.

well when you put together his accomplishment in Submission Grappling, BJJ, and MMA he becomes one of the more accomplished martial artists out there, but I understand that if you just look at it from an MMA context that it seems he still has a lot to prove as he has yet to fight in the UFC against some of the bigger names in his division.

thanks for posting the article here guys and glad you guys liked it!
Always like the dude. He has really come a long way and his striking is much better than it used to be. He is heavy handed (just got his first KO W) and is always fun to watch. Would like to see against a top 20 guy just to see how'd he do.


Thanks for the article TS!
his style is not very entertaining but i think he is better than luke rockhold and the real strikeforce MW champion