Conrad I'm calling you out!


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Apr 16, 2002
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Yes you sir! Make your choice:

Pistols or Sabers?


I see you there Conrad.

You yellow?
So hound is calling me out huh? Conrad is getting called? Well nobody calls me.(Kind of pathetic really. Need to get off this site.)

Not since the old days of the Santore dictatorship have I been called out. I will remind you who got Art fired and there for ended his wrain of terror, there-for liberating you to post whore all you want. Now you go and do this?

So another war is getting set up. Weapons are being dusted and everyone is getting ready for the "Boom Boom Bang Bang"

Now Conrad has to make a choice. Last war on anti I was in I lost my ever so dear gerbil Brintney during the battle. Sniffle Sniffle. But Look who final took the whole enchalda? that's right not more Art!!!! hahahaha. I see you half of an oppendent then he was.

It is on Fecker!!!!!!!!!!

You can be

All you want. But no gun or dress will phase me this time.(Only reason that Art's dress got to me was becuase it was a hard time in my life. Never again!!!)

So bring your


But I am guessing the best you can do is

I want you to bring all you got. And I will bring all I will need

I don't think you have what it takes little man.

Conrad's Prediction

Conrad via Decapittion from Juice Master 3000 2:15 of round 3.
Save the drama for your mama.

Meet me tomorrow after lunch behind the churchyard.
I got money on Conrad just because hes gay and I feel sorry for him.
This is a matter of honor B&I and I feel your comments are way out of line.

I demand an apology.
They can call me gay all they want. I don not care becuase I secure unlike some here.

Right now it is me and hound. I will deal with the other smucks some other time.

I going mother fecker and I ain't were no wussy mask on my face.
Originally posted by Hound
This is a matter of honor B&I and I feel your comments are way out of line.

I demand an apology.

Sorry there old man, here I'll post you bio's as well!

Name: Captain Diego Del Fuego Winnebago Leggo My Eggo Smith. Otherwise known as Conrad!

DOB: Unknown

Birthplace: Spain

Occupation: Naval Captain

Ship: La Masa Harina

Turn Ons Captain Diego, as his friends call him, likes moonlit boat rides, a stiff brandy, furry creatures, and bumpy seas

Turn Offs, Women with facial hair, Men without facial hair, smooth seas, cold brandy, dull brass, going to an island where there are no ladies.


Name: Francois Sweetche' (aka) Captain Sweetcheeks. Other wise known as Hound

DOB: Unknown

Birthplace: Paris

Occupation: Pirate

Ship: Le Boote'

Turn Ons Capt. Sweetcheeks likes early morning walks on the deck, reading sea stories and carving the ass off an opponent

Turn Offs He doesn't like staying up late, cigar smoke, and getting phone calls after 9pm, and he also hates people who claim never to fart.
That last paragraph of my "bio" is in fact 100% accurate B&I.

Pfft... Those weapons wont do shit.

Get one of these baby's...

Sure buddy. That is just about as deadly as Jim Pan Do.
JIM you're next.

We`ll see how long my Dim Mak takes to obliterate you.

I will be very disapointed if it takes more than 0.02 seconds.
Here's a clip of the fight and of course Hound won! Congratulations Hound!
Thanks Lady N.

I can focus my Chi with overwelming power through any one of my orifices.