Conor Mentally Subprime Says Max Holloway

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Is fighting Max Conor's best chance to win a belt again?

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  1. ReadWrite

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    Jul 14, 2013
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    MAX HOLLOWAY has no interest in a Conor McGregor rematch because the Irishman "doesn't seem healthy". During this week's Ariel Helwani podcast the UFC featherweight champion, 27, called out 'The Notorious' for losing focus, saying: “I’m not interested in competing with him if he’s not at his best."

    American fighter Holloway - nicknamed Blessed - fought in 2013 in McGregor's second ever UFC fight. Holloway delivered a valiant performance, but ultimately lost to a unanimous decision. After their bout, both went on to secure championship belts. McGregor later became the UFC featherweight and lightweight champion.

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    Holloway said he would only be interested in re-matching 'The Notorious' if he shows the same level of motivation showcased in his championship performances. Holloway said: “And he doesn’t seem healthy, and he doesn’t sound right.

    "If he comes back and he says, ‘Hey, I beat Max when he was a kid, but I want to beat him in his prime to prove that I’m the best ever,’ then yeah I want the champ. I want that champ. I want that 2015-2016 champ. That mentality and that focus, and right now it’s just not interesting to me. When Conor beat [Jose] Aldo in December 2015 and when he beat Eddie [Alvarez] in November 2016, for those 12 months, he ruled the world. The world. Not just the UFC, the world. And the one thing I can remember and take away from that time was his focus. He was so focused. He decided what he wanted, and he said stuff, he pointed at this guy, he reached for the stars, he reached for the moon, and he made it happen. Magical.”

    “Listening to him now," Holloway added, "I don’t see that same focus. If you’re going after everything, you’re not focused on anything. He called out like 20 guys in [one] interview.”

    McGregor still trains in MMA, he has teased a potential Octagon return and called out Holloway as a potential opponent. However, no official return date or opponent has been announced.
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  2. JabToucher

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    I don't see anyone in the last few years that I would bet on beating Conor at his previous weight class.

    I know he'd most likely have trouble cutting back down now though.
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  3. Frank McEdgar

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    If you call out 20 guys.....20 guys talk about you in their interviews and social media......<seedat>

    Conor wants his FW belt back

    DueeQ_yVAAA1OsI (2).png
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  4. Tomas

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    Ariel Helwani has tried to instigate this fight so many times recently lol. Conor gets brought up every time Max is on the MMA show, and on ESPN, Ariel asked Conor about Max posting the jameson whiskey promo tour he was on in Ireland.

    If anything, Max and Conor should unite and tag team Helwani like Ali and Frazier did
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