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Congrats to Mario Rinaldi


Purple Belt
Jun 10, 2006
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On receiving his brown belt tonight. Liborio came up from Coconut Creek tonight and awarded Mario his brown belt. Both Liborio and Din gave a speech about Mario. It was awesome. He was made to run the gauntlet while we all whipped him with our belts. It was great fun.

For a big guy, Mario is very technical. I was watching him roll after class and he was hitting all sorts of moves and subs. He looked really smooth and decisive. His game is really good as far as I (a lowly blue belt) can tell.

WAR Big Hurt!!
Congrats to Big Hurt!

On a similar note, Ryan G at ATT WPB just got his purple belt yesterday from Marcos Damatta.
Nice. I don't know him though. Have any stories or vids?

None of Ryan but here is a new one of Marcos. Ryan is one of the most technical guys that I have ever rolled with though. Enjoy.

Marcos "Parrumpinha" Da Matta Highlight
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