Compression Shorts at Target


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Sep 4, 2007
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I was at Target last night and found some nice compression shorts for $7.99 a pair

They are the Target C9/Champion brand - found them in the Men's underwear dept.

They have white, gray and black - got one of each.

I looked on their website but could not find them.

The shorts are of a good length (not too long, not too short) and have a nice snug fit.

I am now wearing this style cup

And compression shorts under the cup is pretty awesome.

Combat Sports Banana Style Cup
C9 feels very comfortable. +1. They're good for people with bigger legs too, as they're mad stretchy.
Do they have a pouch for inserting a steel cup?
I love C9 @ Target! I wear those compression shorts myself, as well as the C9 rashguards that are like $12-15

It's hard for me to justify paying upwards of $50 for a rashguard
Thanks, I've been looking for some decent priced compression shorts. I'll pick up a pair of these to try out.
Yes, they are amazing. I stocked up when I saw that stuff, C9 gear has been good to me. They had forest green and an aquaish blue near me. Great for people who like rash guards without a lot of ugly logos.
Are these compression shorts still around? I am looking at replacing my Shock Doctors, the stitching starting to come apart after 6 months.

Any other brands I should look at?
They hold up pretty decent. I haven't worn mine to roll in, I love my adidas slider shorts too much. But I wear the Champions in the gym and they perform and hold up as well as my UA's.
Thats a good deal. I just use under armour with a cup cost me 20 bucks at sports check in Canada.
This is a good find as I work at Target, and never expected the store to carry compression shorts, but I now will stock up.
the C9 are great. I have a bunch I use for all types of exercise activities. They actually have 2 styles a longer compression short like boxer shorts, and a shorter one similar in length to vale tudo shorts.
I saw some C9 compressions at Target today for 12.99.
sounds like a good deal, im gonna check it out tomorrow as I can care less what the brand name is as long as the quality is right and the price is cheap

edit: as Target is closed, your post inspired me to order that cup off your site. good product placement on your part. get me riled up on something I can't have and then sell me something else
I could have found something different, but really just go and look and see what you can find.