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Oct 15, 2005
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I might join my first bjj tournament in a couple weeks. Im 16 and only like 137 lbs. The only thing im worried about is that my instructor says ill will probably be facing adults(my weight). Do you think that might be a problem.. I duno mabe they might have an advantage somehow :S lol. I duno mabe im just crazy. My instructor says im ready tho. Cuz I pretty much train with ppl a lot bigger than me almost all the time.

Oh also I hear that they check for ring worm and "other skins infections"

What about psoriasis... its not contageous and its a hereditary thing. but it usually only comes in the winter. I have a very minor case on my arm that u have to look closly at to see.

please tell me that this wont effect me compettingg.
It shouldn't affect your competing.

As far as competing against adults, it isn't that bad. They're your size, with your skillset. They might be more fully developed, stronger and such, but just learn to counter that.
I dont think it would affect you,

as long as they are same size, they may feel strong, but everybody is strong.

go with the age old saying, age doesn't matter LOL
Might as well get used to fighting adults as soon as possible.

Also the skin problem is something that is specific to that tournament. Ask your instructor about it.