Come meet Karo "The Heat" Parysian


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Jun 9, 2005
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Meet Welterweight Title contender Karo Parisyan at the 8th Grapplers Quest West. Karo will be at the Cryogel booth on November 12th at Durango High School located at 7100 West Dewewy Drive, Las Vegas NV. For more information go to


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Michael Crawford
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Wow, Karo doing a Cryogel commertial. Great.

LV is a bit too far from NH, but post some pics afterwards guys!
w0w maybe we can pull a dumb and dumber on a cop!
Anyone who is in the Vegas area should take advantage of the opportunity to meet the possible next Welterweight Champion. Karo is a nice guy and good to his fans. Also stock up on Cryogel . Its a great product!
Damn I might go I live 15 mins from Durango high school
infamous mattyd said:
Karo pulled out of the fight with hughes, right?

That is what I heard, sucks :icon_evil I was looking foward to that match.
w0w I just saw Karo's fist and that is HUGE for a WW. He must wear an XL in Ouano.