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Combine Kyokushin and Muay Thai for MMA?


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Apr 29, 2004
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So here's where i"m coming from. I wrestled for years then focused solely on muay thai for almost 4 years and even went to Thailand for a month. The past year I've been focused on purely BJJ. MMA is my obvious goal but as of late I've developed a respect for kyokushin and its practitioners. I'm especially fond of Andy Hug's axe kicks (R.I.P.) and Ryu Narushima's Brazilian kicks.

I was considering adding kyokushin to my training schedule. My striking time would still be spent w/ mostly muay thai, but I really like the axe kicks and Brazilian kicks. My right roundhouse is very strong but my switch kick is kinda weak (i'm orthodox btw.)

So i thought "hey, if i add axe kicks, and Brazilian kicks off my lead leg (my left leg) I could use the strength of my right MT style and surprise people with my left. Then I would be a mix between a kyokushin and MT style fighter."

Would these kicks be to out of place in MMA? Maybe lose my balance? Or would they surprise the hell out of people?
I actually think alot of TMA techniques would work well in MMA. ALot ofpeople seems to think you have to stick to the old MT roundhouse and the basic punches of boxing and MT. IF you were to throw in somethings they have never seen it could mess some poeple up. Prime example is Cung Les use of the traditional sidekick on Shamrock and GSP jab is the basic karate lunge puch
If you're throwing Brazilian kicks off your lead leg you won't lose balance. I've been a MT guy for about 2 years now and recently added the BK to my arsenal. Let me tell you this kick is almost too easy to land (I'm not sparring with world class strikers but Feitosa is so there's some practical proof that it works). Axe kicks, I can't say much for but I'm sure you could make it work for MMA. Good luck!
Good luck adding axe kicks in. I can't see them as being more than just flash KO tools (if even possible), save for A. Hug who really was in his own league.
axe kicks work well when your opponent stalls on his back on the ground, while you are still standing.
its easy to catch people with axe kicks..but you can pull your hamstring easily if you lift your leg too much..even if you can do front splits like me...its easy to pull your hamstring...
Cross training in Kyokushin may benefit you but I doubt you will learn anything new. You have a background in Wrestling aswell as training in Muay Thai and BJJ.

Personally, I have trained in Kyokushin for a few years at a couple of clubs here in Sydney.

This was before I left it to focus on wrestling. Kyokushin training was brutal. It is hard so it can benefit your fight game. Technique wise, I doubt it'll teach you anything you have not already seen. Kyokushin and Muay Thai are pretty similar.