College wrestling for MMA


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Feb 4, 2008
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Like any other from of martial arts that guys use in MMA there's some stuff that no body would use in MMA and other stuff that would be very bad for MMA. What percentage would you say is useable for MMA? It seems like to me that guys that come from a wrestling back ground have only some takedowns and take down defense and then once they hit the ground they can't really do much until they learn BJJ or others ground fights arts. maybe i'm wrong about this, but just curious becasue when i watch college wrestling it just seems like a good bit of it wouldn't work that well.
no, you're right...I do collegiate wrestling for my high school, and when I started BJJ all it really helped with was takedowns, takedown defense, if you lock-up (which I have found happens very rarely in jiu-jitsu) and positioning once I'm on the ground...beyond that, I was pretty much at anyone who has been there for more than a month's mercy.
For modern day MMA you have to be well rounded. period.
wrestle for sure. whatever you think it does or does not, the one thing that it will make you really good at, is it will give you a good base and in mma a solid base is huge. cross train in bjj for sure simply due to the fact that a lot of bjj game is fighting off your back when in wrestling the match is over when your back is flat.
mental and physical toughness, the ability to control an opponent on top, and (imo the most important) the ability to scramble well. Obviously, takedowns as well
The ability to take someone down efficiently, control them, coupled with the ability to punch people in the face is remarkably effective.
It will give you some of the best takedowns in your gym. At least in my gym, if I get to a clinch, or have my sparring partners timing down, I score a ton of takedowns. Also my collegiate wrestling (actual college level included) I have found I do a very good job of getting/maintaining and scoring points and subs from side control. Now my BJJ is coming along, I got promoted earlier than basically everyone else in our gym (I am still only a 1 striper, but have only been training for probably 2 months total). Wrestlers are taught to do everything in their power to use their takedowns and get into pinning position, which is side control in MMA. I am not tooting my own horn (not trying to) but I was a very sub par collegiate wrestler (have since broadened my game) and as far as the grappling aspect of MMA, I do a very good job IMO. It all depends on the individual.
The reason i ask is becasue i train Jiu Jitsu and i'm going to add something else in. I have a really good boxing/Kick boxing gym pretty close to where i live, so i gotta choose between wrestling or Boxing/Kickboxing. I know down the road if i purse MMA as a career then i'll have to add in other stuff.

I'm leaning towards the Boxing/ Kickboxing since then i'll be training one art of each striking and grappling. I've grappled with pretty decent College wrestlers in Jiu Jitsu and i'd been training for about the same amount of time in BJJ and i wasn't all that impressed with how there wrestling did on the mat. Of course if we were standing then they could get the take down.