Coenzyme Q10

I started taking CoQ-10 along with red yeast rice to lower my cholesterol. I cleaned up my diet and drop my LDL considerably so I stopped taking the red yeast rice but I continued on with the Coenzyme Q10 because from what i've read it's really good for you. Just was wondering if anyone else has any other information regarding this supplement.

It's a very healthful thing to take, yes.
The only correlation between cholesterol and Coenzyme Q10 I've seen is that CoQ10 is usually supplemented by people on "statin" drugs as the drugs can reduce serum levels. Is there actually cholesterol lowering properties of CoQ10 or is the OP just misinformed? If anyone has any articles on the subject, I am somewhat interested.
i was taking the CoQ-10 to counter the effects of the red yeast rice. the RYR is supposedly more of a natural form of the cholesterol lowering ingredient in lipitor and other statins (though unregulated).

i wasn't sure if i was wasting my time continuing to take it.