Classic hard to find shirts are back!


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Feb 5, 2004
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Hey people,

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Check this out, I received much MMA gear for the holiday but one was of a major surprise! I Opened up a tube which I thought would be a poster but it was a red Mark Kerr T-Shirt, the same likeness he wore to many Pride events and on The Smashing Machine DVD. The fron has the word Kerr spelled across it with the bird on the front, ststing below, Real American Hero. The Back has the dotted outline of his face. I was blown away when I got this, this shirt was impossible if not ever distrubted other than in Japan back in the day. The secret is there is a site and a man who runs it who can make these shirts come back to life, all that is needed is a picture of the product and colors wanted. The guy does everything from car logos to skinz for your ipods!

Here is the link
aint this free promotion of other sites not allowed anymore
I will see if my girlfriend who did this for me can post some pics of my shirt. I may use my camera phone worst case just so you can see. In the goodness of those like me who are advid collectors of this type of classic ware, I thought it was cool to post this site for all.
stu3ufc said:
aint this free promotion of other sites not allowed anymore

It's okay to point out stuff like this, but if this guy actually runs the site and pretends to do it as to advertise, then thats against policy. There wouldn't be a problem for me say linking someone to a nifty new shirt which I like, but for the company owner to blatently advertise it, thats different.

There is no MMA advertisement of any kind on the site, mainly he does car decals. But he can do shirts as well. I had him do a Warriors t-shirt for me, it looks just like the spray painted version from the beginning of the movie, video game cover, etc.

Just someone who is artistically inclined.