Cincinnati Sambo


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May 15, 2008
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I have looked all over the internet and my earch has come up blank. i am looking to add to my Grappling and all over game with Sambo. I live in cincinnati. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it
Are you wanting to learn ANY kind of grappling, or specifically sambo?

I'm not from Cinci (from Louisville originally) and I'm pretty positive that Jorge Gurgel still has a school there. I went to a tournament there years ago. I've got a buddy who is an amateur fighter that makes the drive up there every now and then to train with Jorge. But if you're looking specifically for sambo, I don't know dude.

If you find anything out though let me know, I'm moving back home to Louisville in 2 1/2 months and wouldn't be opposed to taking the periodic trip to Cinci for some sambo practice.
Jacob, I think you're probably S.O.L, besides Jorge's gym (and the affiliates) I don't know of any Sambo schools around here. This is basically a Jorge controlled territory, then Walker's, and our school, no sambo that I know of.
Thanks for the help. i'll just stick with Submission Grappling and BJJ:icon_chee