Chute Boxe shirts?

Richard Grieco

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Nov 9, 2004
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I rodered one off ebay. It came allwas well but of course i bought it for someone else. i couldnt get one for me due to the my size being won by someone else. Anyways i have been looking for the old style chute boxe shirts and cant find them anywhere. Can anyone help.
They aren't made anymore, CB is n't associated with HDB any longer. The Wand line does have some similar to them though. i hate it when people say this but the search function will pull up threads that list specific online stores. i only advise the search function becausre i cant remember the names of the stores anymore.
Yea I Tried To Find One As Well I Just Wanted The Plain Chute Boxe T W/o All The Wand Stuff All Over It, But No Luck Anywhere. has a good Wand selection.
cable guy said: has a good Wand selection.

They do have alot of wand stuff. Hate to say it but you might just have to try and stick it out on ebay. Someone is bound is put one up sometime.
Hey Richard,

We do have a large selection of Chute Boxe/Wand products.

Click here to browse thru our selection.

Which ones are you wanting dude? I got a Chute Boxe dry fit shirt from some site in the UK by HDB. It's like 50$ US but it's a hella comfortable shirt. If you're just wanting the cotton tees I dunno where to get em. Here's the link to ML Sports in UK it's the shirts section. I ordered mine from them. Decent service, it's just expensive.
i have one of the original chute boxe with out the extra writing stuff on it but its been used a few times