Christmas/birthday list


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Mar 27, 2004
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ok well i just got done with shoulder surgery so im gonna be out for a while but im making a christmas and birthday list of grappling stuff....

all things im ordering need to come from

pick what i should get
(1 item per category)
1. DVD instructional
-----ive already decided on the marcelo Garcia 2 tapes so thats done

2. Good Tournament footage
-----Mundials 2005
-----Mundials 2004
-----Pan Ams 2005
-----Pan Ams 2004

3. Fight Shorts
----- choose some for me

----- choose one for me
I kinda dig the Board Short Pro Line Black for the shorts.
Santa please give me

1. More Guard Passes
2. Better Takedowns
3. Better Takedown defense
4. Better combinations of moves
5. Better sub defense
6. A great half guard
7. Great escapes from mount, side control, back, and turtle position
8. Oh, and some Judo throws would be nice too :)
I want new Sprawls, a new gi and The Guard book.
i hope to get new shorts. i want the nogi shorts Vitor wore at ufc 51
1. jacare instructionals
2. o4 mundials
3. new sprawls
4. t-shirt???....adcc
I would like a new right shoulder also. My rotator cuff has been poping out for years and I've taken a break from JJ to do some weightlifting and fix it.

Also, that the birth of Jesus Christ, the reason of the season, will occur in all of our hearts.
i hear ya, i need a new right shoulder also, i have an elongated clavical and a pinched nerve
I want some heat rub, and some ice packs!