Cholitzu: Tony DeSouza

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May 19, 2005
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I did a search but had no results, it is perhaps under a different thread title. If it's not discuessed, well, here we go. Did anyone check the page about cholitzu? Here is a quote to introduce the DVD:

Created by the ingenuity of the ancient Incan warrior spirit and affected by the chaotic modern day Peruvian living conditions. Cholitzu is based on the positioning of college wrestling and influenced by the creativity of Jiu Jitsu.

"My style is Cholitzu, and I have been working on it since I was 13. I have always been searching for ways to inflict pain and hurt my opponents. Cholo is the derogatory name that the people call the Peruvian descendent of Inca. It's the Jiu-Jitsu style of the Cholos here in Peru. My style of wrestling has always been unorthodox. I did not wrestle to win, but rather to hurt my opponent and make him submit.

Tony DeSouza

The DVD covers these techniques:

This DVD covers:

- Stance
- Double Leg
- Transition to the Ground
- High Crotch
- Outside Single
- Defensive Stance
- Sprawling
- Attacking off the Sprawl
- Monkey Guard
- Single Leg Defenses and Transitions
- High Crotch Defense
- Submissions
- Leg Riding and the Back
- Submissions off the back
- Monk Guard
- Body Lock
- Guillotine
- Passing & Finishing

I'm not trying to advertise the DVD but I find some parts of this interesting. Monk Guard? Monkey Guard?

Desouza looks a bit like a bum, but he is an impressive fighter that pulled one of the nastiest looking guilotines on someone in the UFC.
The DVD isn't very good. It's ok. It's not very well organized and Tony goes off on tangents sometimes. The monk guard is cool, I wish Eduardo Telles would do a DVD on it. I didn't pay full price for it, and I don't suggest doing so...
Thanks, could you describe the monk & money guard? I'm just curious about these alternatives positions.
Bump. Sickness, Ill annoy you with a PM if I don't get a reply :icon_twis
im glad i didnt pay for it, my cousin gave it to me, i didnt like it one bit
The monk guard is a defensive position that you can go in when they try to get side control on you. It looks alot like the fetal position, and you can achieve a few turnovers from it