choke i'm going to try out


Nov 14, 2005
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are there any down falls?
right arm around the neck as if going for a RNC. right hand on the side of my right neck. this enables your free left hand to punch and make your opponent feel overwhelmed and tap quicker.
the choke felt nice and tight when i tried it on my dog. lol
Did your dog tap or yelp?

Seriously the only problem I can see is if they star spazing, you might get butted easier, and it'd be easier for you to lose grip. It might be hard to keep it tight
try it on a dude and report the results. the downfall imo would be that you cant really slap it on that fast. don't know though.
the guy may move to the side easier, so i may want to add a triangle or something.
It also stretches out the person's mid section if you're doing a body triangle at the same time. I dont see someone tapping from the choke really, maybe submission from punches. It's definetly good to wear down your opponent.
I've tapped a few people with what I think you're describing when my opponant has a hold one of my wrists/arms. If they let go of the hand to work on the arm choking them, you can then use the Gable grip for security if needed .
I tried that once a while back but it takes too long to get it set in. Most opponents start to counter the move almost instintly when they feel the choke hold comming. Hey, if it works for you then good technique.

By the way the SPCA and PETA monitor this website and you have been busted. :)
You're an asshole to do it to a dog !!?!?
Soulfly said:
Thats nothing. I kickbox with my cat.


But seriously.. choking your friends is nicer than choking an animal.
HE might be talking about his dog like his friend...but if it's the animal dog then thats fucked up
dude don't choke your dog out. I'm not a big fan of that hold, too easy for the guy to butt you.
Obviously he's dicking around when he said he tried it on his dog.
it's workin great. i did it withoug punching and the guy tapped and was lightheaded. you should try it out.
A one armed RNC, yeah Ive done that......I switched it up on a noob when he was defending my locking arm....

its can get it tight enough.

I wouldnt use it all the time though...people will get wise.

Ive also done a side choke from the back, too.

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