China Spending One Billion Dollars For A 100 Petaflop Supercomputer


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Sep 6, 2006
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For China it was great pride and joy for them to have briefly held the title of owning the fastest supercomputer. Their supercomputer was the first large system running as a hybrid with a mix of Intel CPU's and Nvidia GPU's. It took everyone in the world by surprise and put them at the top of the heap for nearly 1 and half years before Japan answered with a computer that could run at 10 petaflops then the US came back with 15 petaflop computer.

Well China is throwing down the gantlet with a 100 petaflop monster with a mix of intel xeon phi and Xeon's as well as proprietary CPU, networking and bus logic chips. They expect the computer to cost between 700 million to 1 billion dollars making it the most expensive supercomputer in history. China is denying the story but are not denying their goals before 2015. The US own plan is to have a 100 petaflop computer in 2016 so this effort may cause the US to shorten their timeline. This monster will hold 76,000 Xenon Pi chips and about the same number of Xenon chips.

It will be a monster to maintain and will likely take up hundreds of cabinets to hold this monster. The power requirements will be gigantic and historic. Its very likely they are going to power it in the same area as their other monster computers. This was a worldwide story for China and help spur huge number of computer science and engineering students. China again is looking to take the crown back but not with something that only slightly improves the numbers.
The ultimate pron machine.
This used to be cool when supercomputers were not just an endless stream of parallel processors, but rather substantively different designs.

Now it's like seeing how many christmas lights you can string together in a row. Like how many memory chips can you plug together. Not so entertaining.
The ultimate pron machine.

Doubt it. More like....

what are these supercomputers used for?
what are these supercomputers used for?

Computational mathematics from all different kinds of math/science/engineering fields. For example: fluid dynamics problems resolving all the fine scales require a massive amount of computing. Even this new monster would probably take centuries to fully resolve the flow of air over an airplane wing.
what are these supercomputers used for?

Fapping, that's about it. They are used for bragging rights.

They try to give justifications, but they are nonsense.
Btw, nice dorohedoro av, that is an absolutely awesome series. Should be better known.
^ Thanks, not many people recognize it. It is indeed an awesome series. Not many can match it for unique art/setting/characters/tone.
Seeing as Intel and AMD are American-based companies, I see us winning either way. Cha-ching. Thank you, China. Please come back.
Seems like the Chinese are compensating for something.
They can't even provide most of their people with adequate food and shelter
China is good at wasting lots of money, when they aren't reverse engineering everything.