Check out this Combat Sambo ankle lock!

Matt Thornton

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Sep 2, 2004
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I saw this a couple of months back. It's a pretty nasty move, and catches people by surprise. . It's sort of like a duckunder and an outside step sweep takedown at the beginning.

I only have the video at normal speed, but I learned it by pausing and scrolling the play bar, breaking down the move.

I'll give a step-by-step so you know what's going on.

1) Create a set-up (a snap down or an arm drag would be perfect, in the video he uses a duck under); one that you'd use to hit a high crotch or double leg takedown. It looks like also, he's grabbing the gi sleeve with the other hand. In grappling, you can just use a wrist grab. I wouldn't worry about the arm slipping out, since it's a takedown, so it'll be in the beginning of the match before people are really sweaty (and in MMA, the glove will stop his wrist from sliding out). I'm not sure if it can be substituted with anything else, but I don't see why you couldn't replace it with a different grip, as long as you don't let him swim under and half nelson you.

2) Dip down to your (in this case) left knee, to the outside of his right leg, with your head on the outside. Keeping your grip on his left wrist (or gi sleeve), grab the pit of his right knee with your left hand.

Now, here's the fun part!

3) Instead of finishing the takedown, like he expects you to, do a shoulder roll, but in the middle of the move, you'll actually be perpendicular to him (your head is pointing towards the left side of his right knee, so your bodies form an L).

4) Once you've become perpendicular with him, his hand should practically be between his legs. Let his wrist or sleeve go, and use your right arm (still holding the knee with your left hand), "uppercut" his left hamstring with your bicep (basically, punch an underhook) until you've positioned yourself under him.

At this point, he is standing over your midsection, and you're in between his legs, looking up at him.

5) Bring your left hand down to his ankle, and your right hand over to his left leg. If you can, grab his gi pants. If not, you really don't need to grab the pants anyways.

6) Suck your knees up to your chest, bringing your right knee between his legs, while pulling the ankle with your left hand and pushing the leg with your right hand. It's kind of like the basic open guard sweep from BJJ.

7) The last move should have brought him crashing down to his back. You're now in a leglock position, with your foot wedged under his butt, and holding onto both ankles. If you know how to finish a leglock from here, do it.

Enjoy the technique! And let me know if you hit it sparring. It takes practice.
Bah. Stupid me. Why'd I give you video links when I could just convert it to GIF? I gotta go for now, but when I get back I'll post up the animated GIF. The video is short, though. So watch that for now. And please rehost for the YouSendIt.
hey, that's me getting locked by my buddy Chris Verdon. I have an article coming out in February Grappling mag with this technique in it. It is honestly a fun move - does catch folks by surprise.
You can get the video at
This moves seems a little dangerous. If there's sweat and he can slip out, or he doesn't give you space to insert your knee between his legs, you're giving him the mount..
But it looks really cool, I have to admit.
holy crap that looks cool. i don't think i could master it just yet though.
That clip was from when I was training in Serbia last year. The last scissor to ankle lock is actually not so difficult once you get past certain stumbling blocks involved in all dropping/rolling submissions. I find that that move for some folks is easier than many other rolling locks. It fakes people out because you actually go for the far leg when rolling...most people expect you to go for the near leg. Regarding the duck under to ankle is risky, but fun when it works. It works best against guys with a wider wrestling stance or when someone is in transition of movement and their feet are apart. It is tougher against guys who stand very upright and with their feet at a narrower stance.