Cheaper place to learn boxing vancouver


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Dec 17, 2012
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where is a decent and cheaper place to learn boxing other than sugar rays. i live in vancouver, bc
heard sugar rays on granville is horrible by a lot of friends and ppl i meet at my gym ....etc

i take boxing since mma and jiu justsu is too expensive
Sugar rays sucks but it's only like 300 a year.
How much more cheaper do u want ?
I might be wrong but I haven't seen anything cheaper than Sugar Rays and I don't fancy your chances of success in that area. If you want to go elsewhere you'll probably have to shell out a bit or a lot more.

First off, I don't know if they're even still operating but don't go to Astoria. It's a DTE gym and from what I hear the dudes there just go and beat the shit out of each other every day. It's nutty man.

Sugar Ray's isn't that bad. If you pick your times so you can work with the coaches alone and get some real training in you can learn quite a bit.

Where are you boxing at now?
Downtown eastside.

And like I said, I'm not sure. I know they closed down a while ago but I heard one of the old coaches was trying to get it going again and I don't know if he was successful.

Hmm, the webpage looks sparse but it seems like they're running.
Sugar Ray's since at the moment I'm a broke university student who can't afford much more than $25 a month. Although if I can land a good engineering job and make some cash this summer I plan to switch to somewhere with more structured classes. How about you?
In the mountains.
Every now n then I come down to participate in this tournament I like.