Charles Olivera was robbed

I swear the scorecards should be reviewed like VAR checks goals in football.

Referees for the joke

Arman won every round.
I had Oliveira winning but it was close. Judges favored top control no damage in the third round over a decent sub attempt.
I think just calling it control time does a bit of a disservice to Arman’s performance. He outstruck Oliveira in that round in sig strikes 18-5, and only 6 of those 18 were on the ground. Oliveira lost that round everywhere and really didn’t have much for Arman in rd 3 aside from the d’arce attempt which was never remotely close.
Charles is a favourite of mine and I think
He lost …..Didn’t do enough damage to offset the control time

I've rewatched the even 97 times since the weekend ... in the 1st round he really could've put a beating on Arman from the guard. It would have made a huge difference. Right after the Guillotine escape he could have done A LOT more
No robbery at all lol. Everyone who loses a decision these days in UFC was robbed according to here.
I had oliv only won the first round by thight margin, round 2&3 was Arman. Definitely not a robbery.