charles bennet


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May 29, 2005
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What do u guys think of his standup; i know he is not a straight up standup fighter, an the forum he fights in allows other strategies outside of standup. Nonetheless he has shown an ability to dominate and at the very least remain competitive w/high level fighters.

From what i know of him, he is just a streetfighter, w/a great deal of athletic ability (i.e. power explosiveness chin physical durability strength); an a limited familiarity w/mma in general.

My question is this do you feel he sets a precedent that an athletic and aggressive streetfighter could hang, if not outright dominate a similar sized skilled fighter. Alot of people assume that if u train u have a huge adv and that streetfighters would be totally outclassed, yet bennet has shown that w/a loose understanding of martial art..alot of heart and physical ability u can compete and beat alot of guys.

In his fight w/gomi, gomi picked him apart and countered him eff; nonetheless bennet was able to land and hurt gomi and certain points in the fight, an we all know gomi (while not world class) is very sharp in mma regards which was shown against bj/azeredo/pulver.

Do u guys feel that ur skills can be or would be offset by an opp w/a limited tech background but huge athletic gifts; that being the case there are alot of cats like bennet walking the street, i know some. Does that effect ur training and faith in ur skills...

what do u think of his standup and ability to hang w/ the best standing