Cauliflower Ear: How long to treat?


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Jul 6, 2005
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I've done a search and nothing's come up! So I've started a new thread.

After having sore ears for a while, I had to fight off 5 guliotine attempts last night during sparring and now have a swollen ear, which I'm guessing is blood between the cartilage and the skin. I know this needs to be drain, but how long do I have to get it done before it sets. It's still soft at the moment. Anything I can do to stop it setting before it's drained?

Do I have to get a medical professional to do it, or can it be done yourself or by a friend?

I'm only managing to grapple once a week here in the UK at the moment and I don't think I'm good enough to be sporting a cauliflower ear! Also don't think the missus will approve!

Any advice welcome. Going to the doctors tonight for Jabs for a trip aboard, so am going to ask there If someone can drain it. It'll be about 22hrs after the grappling that caused it.
I have a doctors appointment for later today, so I'll report back on what happens.
Good luck bruv, tell me how you get it drained as well
got some headgear, so I'll be using that while it heals! It's not too bad and my ear still looks like an ear, but I don't want to end up with a full cauliflower ear!

Might do a before and after shoots and post here!
I was told that after 3 days you are pushing it - as long as it is soft and warm, draining should help.

I once had my ear swollen pretty bad and didn't have it drained. It came down quite abit on its own after about 1 week. Then I hurt it again in a different area and had it drained at the hospital. Pressure bandage for 4 days and it still ended up being noticeably swollen (the wife wasn't amused). About 1 week after that I hurt it again and it got REALLY swollen - had it drained that day, again at the hospital. They set me up with an appointment at an ear-nose-throat specialist the next morning. They re-drained it and stitched me up (much better than the pressure bandage) - that was in for 10 days and my ear ended up looking better than it did about 2 weeks earlier!

Risks depend on where the swelling is. Most of the cauli I have seen is around the outer edges of the ear - mine was in the inner ridge just before going in. The doctor told me that was near the blood supply to the ear and if that gets reduced due to hardening my ear could shrivel up!

Now it's headgear whenever someone 'might' hit my ear.

Good luck
Went to the doctor last night (thurs), who didn't know how to do it! Sent me straight to ENT at the Hospital (ears, nose & throat) here in the United Kingdom. There they checked me over and decided to drain the blood. Was told it takes between 48-72hrs before the blood becomes undrainable. Which answers my question on the thread title.<p>
Was given a jab to stop the pain and then they made an cut with a scalpel and drained the blood. They then suringed more blood out before wrapping my head up with a pad inbetween the ear and head, then a pad over the ear and a bandage around the head to compress the ear. <p>
Went back this morning to have it checked (fri). It bled when the removed the bandage, but it didn't need draining again. Re-wrapped up and given some drugs to stop any infections. Got to keep the compression bandage on until I go back in 3 days time (mon).<p>
Been told it might need draining again and the bandage might need to stay on for a couple of weeks! Told not to grapple until it's healed<p>
Attached a pic of it yesterday, about 18hrs after it was done, the blue arrow point to the sack of blood. Doesn't look too bad, but compared to the other ear it's quite different. Felt like quite a bit of blood in there. One of it bandaged and one when I loosened the bandage (about 2 hours after it was drained), as it was too tight. Blood started trickling out as soon as I removed the bandage! <p>
Will update with further pictures once it's healed up!
can't you just stick a syringe in there and suck that shit out? They did it like that in "The Smashing Machine".
Could'nt you just allow the cauliflower to 'grow/happen' and after a few years trainig just get some plastic surgery to fix 'em?

If your gonna get them drained everytime it happens and then can't train for 2 weeks it seems like you'll never get to train at all.
Swerve said:
Could'nt you just allow the cauliflower to 'grow/happen' and after a few years trainig just get some plastic surgery to fix 'em?

If your gonna get them drained everytime it happens and then can't train for 2 weeks it seems like you'll never get to train at all.

If you
go to the store but some syringes for the future and next time do it yourself. It's a lot easier.
You drained that ear?!?! WTF...there is hardly anything wrong with it!! Get some headgear if you're going to drain them every time you get a little tiny bump on your ear...otherwise you'll never be training.
Doesn't look as bad as it was in the picture. Used my phone camera and a mirror to take it! It's healed up a little but still swollen. It's a lot different from the other ear at the moment. I'll get some pictures soon. Got headgear! So hopefully it won't happen again.

As for not doing it because it's only small (in your opinion), that's how you end up with ears like Randy. And I'm not keen on having those!