Casca-Grossa & Sprawl = Great Service!!!


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Nov 8, 2005
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Both of these companies are top notch. I received my green sprawls from the contest and they are great. The quality of the shorts is superb and I feel that they will last a long time. I ordered a size 32
but Scott said I would be better suited for a 34. He was right and they fit perfect so I would suggest going up a size from your normal waist size (two if you prefer it looser). The leg slit allow good range
of motion for kicks. I cant wait to roll in these!


JJ at Casca-Grossa helped me out with a couple of shirts that I had been wanting to get. The shipping is fast and I got my shirts within a few days! Both shirts are excellent quality. The first is one of
the shirts that Shogun wore during the Grand Prix. The secong is a Wand Chute Boxe ringer shirt. Both are size small and fit perfect. I will continue to order from them as my first experience with them
was great. If you have any questions call them and they will work with you to get your order perfect, plus JJ is a cool guy to talk to!

Shogun T-Shirt Front:

Shougun T-Shirt Back:

Wand Ringer Front:

Wand Ringer Back:

Summary: Sprawl and Casca-Grossa are two companies with great service and products!
Yea i have had great dealing with both companies its funny also that i have both the green sprawls there and the shogun shirt but i bought the wand jersey too instead of the black ringer
Those Tees are bad ass, especially the Shogun logo one! Wish they made Triple X L.
I ordered a pair of greenies too. No review will be written though, we all know the quality is second to none
Thnx Chute-boxe we appreciate your patronage and kind words, also thnx to everyone to took the time to post.......................

Chute-boxe please e-mail me @ [email protected] for that seminar information.