Can you use these gloves for sparring?

For Boxing sparring, absolutely. I have the exact same kind, but mine are 16oz Pro Styles (not sure if those are Pro Style or not, difference is the padding is more compact and not so pillowy in Pro Styles versus regular). I spar with them even though they're heavy because when I fight and use lighter gloves, my hands will be blindingly fast.
Well that's because you are a beast.

Anyways yeah I got them for my sister and she was worried because the ones at the academy are softer but now I can assure her, thanks. Also I think theya re semi-pro, and I got her the 14oz.
For your sister? Dude SHE'S going to be a beast. lol She trains with those and she'll be knocking bitches out left and right.
Of course, just it's kind of rare to see a female who takes her training that seriously. To my knowledge they usually get catered to and babied a bit. Which is stupid, they shouldn't train or be trained as "female fighters"...they should be trained as just plain ole fighters in my opinion.

War Bama's Sister!!!!111
Yeah and it's funny seeing her progress, at first she would be so damn timid but now she is blazing out combinations.

You should see her roll in jiu-jitsu against the 200+lb guys too, crazy!
In my opinion they should fly. GL for her, but like the idea of girl mma, it just doesnt seem right.
King Kabuki, what is your pro record?

I'm undefeated.

That's because I don't turn Pro until March. lol
King Kabuki said:
I'm undefeated.

That's because I don't turn Pro until March. lol

lol, sorry. I thought you had already gone pro. How bout your am record?
I don't have an official amateur Boxing record. Did some Junior Golden Glove stuff when I was young but that was ages ago. As I've stated before around these boards I was never interested in doing anything Official until last year. When I trained more often, which was the late 90's (before about a 4-year lay-off, got engaged and whatnot), MMA events were pretty low-key and I had no interest in the kinds of tournaments going on locally in Virginia. But over the years I can say I've won a few and lost a few. I'm not delusional about my chances of turning Pro at 27, I'll be satisfied with earning the regard of being a tough journeyman (someone who just travels and fights, not necessarily a World Title contender), but if the path takes me to World Contention, then I'll gladly show up with my A-game.
Yeh, they look ok. I use 16ounce leather Twins gloves. Go for quality gloves. Don't be frightened to spend some money. It will be worth it.