Can you do the splits?

Coach Couzo

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Sep 20, 2005
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Ever since he was a kid, Antonio Schembri has been used to stretching daily. And he never complained, unlike his opponents, whom, in time and practice, he began to submit in the most varied ways.
flexibility is not just good for grappling but also for reducing stress,
that is why Yoga people stretch.

when your stressed out, stretch a lot.

get into an argument with your wife or gf? stretch tons!!!
you'll feel much better and make up and take her to a nice restaurant
and be less selfish, you will be selfless like water.
Damn I used to hate stretching. All you have to do it get used to it. And it won't as much of a problem anymore. But still, I really hated it in the beginning. And the pain you feel is worse then getting hit in the face. It's that retarded pain. Like getting a cut on your finger or something. It doesn't feel as bad when getting punched in the face, or dropping 15's on your foot when working out (no that has never happend).

I've already got very flexible hips. If I put my arm between my legs and under my knee, I can put the bottom of my knee ontop of my shoulder. Stuff like that. But I can't do the splits. I'm STILL kinda lazy when it comes to streching.
I'm very flexible when bringing my knees towards my head... I can put my legs behind my head quite easily.. even easier if I didn't have my gut :p
I used to be able to do the splits, but some bastard landed on me playing rugby and my left knee was out of comission for about 2 months and I've never bothered to stretch to that degree again. But I'm suprised to hear that some bjj schools dont put much of an emphasis on stretching, both my sombo and judo schools take stretching pretty seriously.
Yes. Only with legs out to the sides, not James Brown one in front one behind style.
Superbeast said:
Yes. Only with legs out to the sides, not James Brown one in front one behind style.

I'm the opposite.

I like having some flexibility (quite a bit more than I should have for my somatatype) and from what I've heard from folks I know who train BJJ, it's an asset. Though I can think of no athletic endeavor where it' not.
can do the james brown ones, still a way to go straddle style though
stretching is essential, I can do the side splits pefectly but the front only 90%. I hate stretching but afterwards it feels awesome.