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can u guys tell me what u think about this place


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Oct 10, 2003
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im interested in signen up for bjj. i got no ecperience so i dont know which place is good or not. can u guys tell me if this place looks like a good place to train http://www.pmajkd.com/about_subb.htm. im pretty sure its like 90 a month for three times a week hour and a half each time. the guys a black belt under renzo.
Dude if he's a Renzo black belt it seems like a good deal. Just make sure you try them out, if the instruction seems good and the people helpful, go for it.
if its a renzo blackbelt i would say its more then likely a good person to train under as far as the price goes i guess its pretty reasonable considering its ny i pay about the same for unlimited classes though

you won't know if its a good place to train till you go there though so i think you should try a class first
yea but is 3 times a week hour and half a day a good enough time?