Can gi's be mixed and matched?

Nate Pringle

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Nov 7, 2005
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I have a white gi and a blue one. The white pants have had it. Theyve been sewed to their last thread. Can I wear my blue gi pants with my white gi top without offending anyone?
infamous mattyd said:
I do it all the time

And yeah no one will care.. except me.. because that means you look cooler.
seriously I don't notice Gi's anymore. My traning partners do this all the time, and I didnt' think anything of it until now. Weird.....
GSP wore a red gi top with white pants at UFC 56, so why not?
the technical hard training me says, it dosen't matter.

though the fasion concious part of me says, sometimes it looks quite cool actually!
I have a Koral white top with black pants. I think it looks cool and doesn't show dirt as bad.
Since i moved out from my parents and in with the girlfreind clean clothes have become an issue and mix and match Gis have become the norm.

also last time i trained with Roger Brooking he was wearing different coloured top/pants so if it's good enough for him it's good enough for anyone else IMO.

BJJ isn't very formal - go for it.
so ok in training but not in competition. got it and thank you for the clarification.
SSF said:
I wear shorts with my gi top all the time, Sambo baby.

If I ever go back to training with a Gi this will have to be how I do it. My gi pants tore, I got them fixed, and they tore again. I dont want to buy another damned gi just to get the pants. I should train no gi anyways. But the sprawl shorts I have are so much better for any of that than my gi pants. I kept feeling like the pants were limiting me. Feh.

And I would mix and match them for sure. Anyone who doesn't like it I wouldn't want to train with.
Tonight Renzo was wearing a white gi top w/ blue pants when he gave me my 4th stripe...pwn
infamous mattyd said:
Tonight Renzo was wearing a white gi top w/ blue pants when he gave me my 4th stripe...pwn


Didn't know there were such strict rules to competitions regarding the Gi colours, is that just because of tradition or is there another reason for it?