Cain broke his jaw


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Jul 9, 2012
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title says it all...Cain can scrap that's for sure, but I do give credit to JDS for hanging in there.

I don't think people should be underestimating Cain's stand up anymore:cool:
JDS doesnt have a broken jaw, Cain still dominated him in the standup as well as everywhere else
yes he does...Dana said it happened in the 2nd round...

looking for sauce, hold on...
JDS said on twitter that he is fine and is joking with nurses.
No he did not.

That was a rumor from a shitty website
He was talking fine at the post fight conference, I'm 99% sure he doesn't have a broken jaw.
No, Dana said later at the presser that JDS does not have a broken jaw after all
JDS wasn't even at the press conference. :rolleyes:

Oh I read the thread title wrong, I thought it meant Cain had a broken jaw.
"Cain broke his jaw" (I thought it meant that Cain had broken his own jaw) :redface:
stupid me
Dana said not to quote him on that, he was just speculating.

Way to fan the rumor flames, flamers.
No broken jaw, just a chunk bitten out of his soul.

either way, Cain's got it all, he's pretty well rounded IMO...but I'm picking JDS when they fight again
If JDS broke his jaw, I guess we can stop saying Cain has pillow fist?