Buying Wall Mounted Mirrors?


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Oct 27, 2005
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Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I'm having a real problem finding mirrors for our new mma academy online. I'm looking for a site that carries full size mirrors (around 8 feet tall) to mount on one full wall. Hopefully some decent prices? If anyone knows of anywhere online, please drop me some links!

thanks for any help offered in advance:)

you're best bet is to get an independent contractor in your city to do that, it shouldnt be hard to find, seriously, and its alot cheaper than paying for the expensive shipping you'd have to from a site.

ps: this is the first topic on this, that i've seen in a few years. odd.

Too bad you're not local to me, otherwise I could hook you up. The freight on glass is ridiculously expensive. Like Foz said, go with a local contractor.
Thanks for the help guys. I called a local place Queen City Glass and think I got a great deal. After pricing mirrors online I was actually surprised how cheap. Most quotes for mirrors alone without shipping were 2k. They are coming in Monday morning and full instalation of fog proof 8' wall mounted mirrors to cover 26' of wall all for only $1300. Seemed like a great deal to me and way quicker than ordering online. Thanks for the help!

Funny thing is thanks to the internet I always forget the yellow pages and local places, lol